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fuengirola 96

Welcome to Fuengirola 96, a Freemasons Lodge that meets throughout the  year.  We welcome visiting Masons from all over the world to our meetings and social events.  Our meetings are conducted in English although we are registered with the Grand Lodge of Spain,  which is recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England.   It is in order for Masons from the United Kingdom to visit.  We have a very active social side so most months there is something going on ranging from beach parties to race nights.  If you are ever in the area and would like to visit then please contact our Secretary

We meet at Masonic Center, Edificio Bougainvillea, Bajo Calle de Pulpo 5. Los Boliches 29640


The Grand Lodge of Spain has now decreed that we can meet again using extreme care.  We cannot however hold a Festive Board in the our building as things stand.  We are holding a GPC meeting to discuss the way forward on Thursday 9th July.  

Upcoming Events


Sadly all meetings and social activities have been cancelled due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus (CoVid 19).  I will update after our GPC meeting.





A brief history of the Founder members.


 Bro. Ron Greedy 1926-2001

Bro. Ron was the first Master of the Lodge having been instrumental in setting the ball rolling.He only took the office for one meeting then Installed Bryan collier as his successor. Although it was agreed that we would practice Emulation ritual by the book, he always slipped into his version of “Oxford working” He died a couple of years later leaving a widow Mary who returned to her native Wales.

W. Bro. Bryan Collier 

Bro Bryan became the second Master of the Lodge and his Installation was attended by his Father who he had proposed into Freemasonry in England in Hampshire. Bryan was initiated into Barton Court Lodge in 1960 and was a member of Friendship 37 prior to setting up our Lodge. He was the owner of the Shakespeare restaurant in Fuengirola were we used to have our festive boards as there were no dining facilities at Bougainvillea. Bryan was the first member in the Lodge to have been honoured with Provincial Grand Rank.

Bro. Tom Willett 1924-2004

Bro. Tom was an extremely accomplished organist who became the third Master of the Lodge. The names of the above three still appear on the Warrant of the Lodge handed down to each Master at Installation. Also a member of Friendship Lodge he was a retired engineer having served in the second world war in the Royal Navy. He was Initiated into Stormont Lodge where he also went through the chair and initiated his son Huw. An enthusiastic caravaner he died from a heart attack when on a visit to England leaving a widow “Vee” a son and daughter.

Bro. Steve Molina

Bro. Steve was the fourth Master of the Lodge. Owner of the Travel Shop in Fuengirola and the first Spanish National to occupy the Chair of King Solomon in our Lodge. He was honoured by the Grand Lodge of Spain, and held high rank in Andalucia.

Bro. Sidney Wyatt 1921-2014

Commonly known by his professional name, Sid Wright, he was a professional piano player and for 18 years, was resident pianist at the Talk of the Town in London. He entertained us in Lodge as the Organist and became the 17th Master of the Lodge having served as Warden in London.

 Bro. Peter Ketchell

Peter was the first Director of Ceremonies of the Lodge but resigned after a couple of years to concentrate more on Mark Masonry.

 Bro. Keith Day

Keith undertook to be the first Secretary of the Lodge but resigned quite soon for personal reasons.

 Bro. Denzil Jones 1939-2005

Denzil was the eighth Master of the Lodge. A publican, he was also a master plasterer and his handiwork graces many pools n the Costa del Sol. He died in England whilst undergoing surgery. He was also landlord of the Royal Oak pub.

 Bro. Donald Hoblyn 1928-2008

Don was a regular attender at Lodge over many years but had no desire to progress.

 Bro. David Klein 1937-

Bro. David, Better known as David the Dogman was a regular attender for many years but is now unable to come owing to illness. He was also made a  freeman of the City of Nottingham for his Charity work. The gavel used by the Worshipful Master was presented to the Lodge by his Father who used to attend LOI’s.

 W. Bro. William Norton 1935-2018

Bill succeeded Keith Day as secretary of the Lodge and was very influential in forming the document showing our aims and aspirations. He was the sixth Master of the Lodge and was later the Provincial Grand Master of Andalucia

Chaplain of the Lodge for many years until ill health forced him to eurn to Portsmouth with his wife Gunhild.

 Bro. Anthony Barrett

Tony was our sixth Master and besides being a brilliant ritualist, was a very good singer and entertainer. He was elected Master for the second time in 2006. He returned to England with his family shortly after that.

Ever thought about becoming a Freemason?


To be one you have to ask one!  Drop Glyn a line at he will be happy to talk to you and one of us will give you a guided tour of our dedicated meeting rooms.